News: Moving!

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News: Moving!

Post by kewlkreator on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:01 pm

Hello valued users of kriket. The site is moving and becoming a site called devNet.

Just sign up there and send me a message and I'll promote you to your current rank. In addition, there will be more moderator control and more possibilities.

The domain name has not been purchased yet but will eventually become something like or .net and vice versa. I hope to purchase the domain within a year of activity on devNet.

As for this forum, it will become something else as I don't want to own two developer forums. Toss me some ideas if you have any. The blog will also be removed and set up as a redirect to my faster one: That site may also get a domain within the next year or so.

I will send this out as a newsletter in PM and e-mail format to the users of kriket. I hope to see you all again on devNet! Smile

Thank you for your cooperation. Grin


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